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Why Print Still Works Really Well in 201610 min read

Jul 11, 2016

Post recession, companies are increasingly investing in the production of print ads over digital ones.

Year by year, more public libraries across the U.S. are providing adult coloring sheets to their patrons. Decade after decade, yoga grows more popular. And folks these days just can’t seem to get enough of foodie events and wine tastings.

Behind all these trends is a simple truth: Despite increasingly digital lives, human remain physical beings. More and more, Americans crave ways to “unplug” from the digital media saturating every facet of our lives. People crave escape from the glare of computer or smartphone screens to carve out a little oasis of time and space all their own.

Given this, a well-designed advertisement in digital form often gets lost in the noise. But that same advertisement, in the form of a flyer or direct mail, is a welcome way to reconnect to the real world while confirming quality.

This is why, even in 2016, print still matters.

Top brands understand a dual digital/physical marketing approach is the smartest way to approach today’s consumer. As a complement to social media, direct mail can increase engagement, drive sales and cement relationships. How?

Think of it this way:  Chances are, your company sells a physical product you want to convey is high quality. No doubt, you sell your product to physical people.

Perhaps those prospective consumers read online how top quality your product is. A high quality piece of direct mail is something they can feel and hold, a tactile way to confirm your company’s digital promise in a way that simply isn’t otherwise possible. A digital ad engages only one sense — sight. But a physical ad yields more return on investment by engaging both sight and feel.

Indeed, many of the brands which abandoned their print products during the recession are now returning to the world of ink and paper.

“I had a conversation with the CEO of Imagination, one of the content marketing businesses in Chicago, who said five years ago their revenue was 55% digital, 45% print,” magazine analyst Samir Husni told Content Magazine. “Today it’s 55% print and 45% digital, because even their clients have recognised the importance of having something delivered through the mail box, on your table or on your desk.”

No matter how hard you try, your digital and social media marketing efforts will fail to engage some prospective customers’ attention. With the increasing saturation of online distractions, expect that percentage to increase. High quality direct mail, though, helps you “capture” those whom you had lost online.

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