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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?9 min read

Feb 21, 2017

If you’ve been reading the articles on our blog and following the links on our social media pages, you know that mobile compatibility is changing from a convenience to a necessity. Guy Sheetrit, CEO of Over The Top SEO, a company that helps businesses optimize their presence in search engines like Google, said in an interview with Forbes that “those who have not been paying attention to elements like mobile friendliness or content quality, will suffer dire consequences this year in terms of rankings and sales.”

The trend toward mobile-friendly content was pushed forward by a 2015 update to Google’s ranking algorithm, which boosted mobile-friendly websites in Google search results. Now, as the majority of their users are searching through mobile devices instead of desktop computers, Google is shifting to a mobile-first search index. This means that the collection of pages and documents Google indexes will be discovered by crawling primarily through mobile sites instead of desktop sites. Businesses that have a desktop version only should be okay, but for those whose mobile site is just a stripped-down version of the desktop site, Google will show potential customers the stripped-down version instead of the full version.

You can read more about Google’s mobile-first indexing model here, and you can click here to test the mobile compatibility of your website with Google.

Long story short: It’s never been more important to have a fully functional, streamlined, mobile-friendly version of your website.

This is true not only for large businesses but for small businesses trying to get more exposure and build a customer base. With Google’s mobile-first index poised to roll out in the near future, it’s imperative for small businesses to have compelling, functional mobile websites.

The timing couldn’t be better for the unveiling of Mockingbird’s new pricing model, Momentum, which allows small businesses to get a professionally designed, responsive, mobile-friendly web design while staying within budget. Momentum monthly payment packages start at $250 per month.


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