Recently, we’ve talked a lot about maximizing conversions through paid advertising, SEO, and relevant content to further business goals.  Another way to increase you conversion rate optimization (CRO), and perhaps the most important, can be done right on your own website.  It’s easy to overlook because we spend so much time on external marketing efforts to get new people to come to our website.  But what our existing audience that already knows about the site and might browse it frequently?

Our team at Mockingbird makes sure not to overlook how valuable your existing audience is.  It’s important to make it easy for them to buy something on your website, sign up for a newsletter, share a post, or whatever your conversion goal may be.  The more times they do these things, the more conversions you get which increases business for you and pulls your website higher up in search engine rankings.

Here are a few ways to amp up your site’s ease of use in order to increase CRO:

  1. Coherent UX/UI design. Read more about this in our earlier post.
  2. Use contrasting colors to make your calls to action stand out.
  3. Simplify paths to conversion by reducing the number of fields in a form or by adding a “call now” button to mobile sites.
  4. Use static images.  Sliders and carousels have been shown to be too distracting. Also make sure the images are relevant to your CTA.
  5. Put everything important to your CTA above the fold.  Make it so easy for your visitors that they don’t even have to scroll.
  6. Use limited time offers or special deals to create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to act immediately.
  7. Answer the question, “What’s in if for me?”  Your audience is more likely to convert if they see the added value in your offer.
  8. Use short videos to engage users.  Just make sure they aren’t too long or people will quickly lose interest before they have heard everything.
  9. Come up with text for your buttons other than “submit” or “next.”  Describe what will happen when they click on the button.  For example, “Get Started on…” or “Create Account.”
  10. Make sure your phone number is clearly visible.  It’s important for users to be able call immediately and easily if they have any questions.  You don’t want to miss out on gaining valuable customers because they couldn’t find your phone number on your website.

If you want to increase your CRO quickly and efficiently let Mockingbird Creative help you out.  Our team of designers, developers, and writers will work together to get you the measurable results you want. Contact us today for more information.