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Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance Partners with Mockingbird Creative12 min read

Aug 4, 2016

Earlier this year we proudly added the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance as a new client. The non-profit umbrella organization created a new logo and needed a revamped website as part of the larger rebranding.

The 12-year-old alliance, which includes hunger relief organizations and six food banks statewide, maximizes poor Arkansans’ access to nutritious food. Its staff and partners have harnessed federal funds to daily deliver healthy breakfasts and after-school meals to thousands of elementary students across Arkansas. Similar programs at churches and Boys & Girls clubs ensure those meals persist during summer breaks. 

Adult hunger is also addressed. AHRA helps teach adults to shop for and cook healthy meals, and its food banks partner with volunteers and national food suppliers to distribute packaged food to those in need.

They glean good crops left over from harvests. AHRA organizes volunteers to save food from fields before it rots. The watermelon, squash, pecans and more are then routed to those who may not be able to otherwise afford locally grown produce.

At its heart, the alliance serves by connecting. Its ultimate goal is delivering nutritious food to all Arkansans in need. To get there, it needs donations, funds and volunteers. So, its leaders wanted a streamlined website to facilitate these connections in a simple, easy way. Additionally they a more responsive, cleaner-looking site for mobile phone readers.

Here Mockingbird Creative stepped in. 

Our experienced staff listened to the new features AHRA wanted and started a collaborative process lasting three months. One of our first objectives: Make “calls to action” directed to potential donors and donor recipients alike clearly visible on the homepage. 

As you can see below, we did this by creating specific tabs: “I Need Food,” “I Want to Learn,” “I Want to Help” and “I Want to Join.” We moved the “Donate” button higher so readers need not scroll to see it, and changed the button to orange — often one of the more effective call-to-action colors.

Above the picture we added more action tabs — “Get Involved” and “Giving” — as well as an informational “Programs” tab. At the uppermost right we added more ways to involve readers and increase subscribers: an email newsletter opt in and three social media buttons. Finally, we spotlighted the great content on AHRA’s site by overlaying blog and news report links and excerpts on the dynamic main photo.

We also made sure there are plenty opportunities for interaction on the homepage’s lower half. In the middle, for instance, is an easily accessible calendar of events. Below that, we highlight links to the latest AHRA YouTube videos alongside an embedded feature video. At the bottom, we constructed a sitemap — an important homepage feature for easier navigation and improved SEO ranking, according to some studies.

At the bottom, we again added buttons for social media and e-newsletter sign-ins. It’s good to remind readers of these. But not so often as to be annoying.  A few calls to action well integrated into the content beat garish, blinking pop-up boxes any day.

Of course, color matters too.

AHRA had already produced a new logo, so we needed to develop a color palette which suited it. This developed into one of many collaboratives processes within the project. Ultimately, our creative director Michelle Hedegard crafted four clean, sophisticated permutations for AHRA to examine.

Ultimately, AHRA leaders chose this one. Seeing multiple versions helped them hone in on the one they wanted.

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